JUNE 24 , 2011
Cecinas Chillan Ltda. won Business Excellence Award "The Bizz 2011" in FLORIDA, USA

Cecinas Chillan Ltda. won the Business Excellence Award “The Bizz 2011” on 24th Jun 2011. The award ceremony took place in Orlando,Florida in the Disney”s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. A two-day Business Convention preceded the event that includes Speed Business Meetings to enhance further business meetings and gala dinner ceremony. This award is considered the world’s most important business award and it is presented by World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) to the most outstanding businesses in various countries. This recognition celebrates success measured by six criteria WORLDCOB considers to represent Business Excellence. Apart from the award trophy, Cecinas Chillan Ltda. was awarded a gold-plated medal as a symbol of business excellence as well as Elite Member Certificate, recognizing Cecinas Chillan Ltda. as a member of the World Confederation of Businesses.

This prestigious World Business Award is awarded to Cecinas Chillan Ltda. as inspirational business company by the World Confederation of Business which recognizes the participating business as an Elite Member of the World Confederation of Businesses. World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) is a leading international organization that encourages worldwide business development. WORLDCOB has more than two thousand Associate Members in over forty five countries. The awarded leading companies and business leaders not only contribute to the growth of their own companies, but serve a role in their communities that promotes economic growth. Previous winners of this award are e.g. Lufthansa, HSBC, Fedex and Coca Cola.

Apart from the award trophy and World Business Leader certificate for Cecinas Chillan Ltda, special certificates were awarded as follows:

For Mr. Sergio Yanine Nazal
• World Leader Businessperson
• Excellence in Business Leadership
• Excellence for Quality Management
• Excellence in Business Management

For Mr.Juan Luis Yanine Nazal
• Excellence in Business Leadership
• Excellence for Marketing Management